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Webinar 1

The team at BLM discusses the best ways CEOs and C-Suite Teams can work with Business Legal Management to maximize the protection of their brands while they make legal an asset to their companies.

Webinar 2

The C-Suite Network interviews Bobby Love, CEO of Business Legal Management on the coming trends in the development of good corporate management

Webinar 3

Jessica Cahoon with the Business Law Group discusses the purposes, opportunities, and hazards of litigation in the modern business world.

Webinar 4

Paul Thomas Ivy with the Business Law Group reviews the far-reaching California Consumer Privacy Act which will be implemented in 2020.  The Act will have implications for any business with significant sales in California.

Webinar 5

James Fessenden with Fisher Phillips discusses California's new law, AB5, which narrows the definition of independent contractor and bolsters employee status

Webinar 6

C-Suite Network interview with George B Brunt, founder of Business Legal Management

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