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Protect Your Brand


Make Legal an Asset

Save money, time and headaches with a comprehensive legal strategy for your business.

Use BLM's Basic Program entry level program to Protect your brand.
For only $149.99 a month you get:
1.  Email access to BLM consultants
2.  Access to Business Law Group LLP for transactional business documents like contracts and Non-disclosure agreements at a 20% Discount
3.  Access to Business Legal Management's growing network of profssional advisors
4.  BLM support of all your outside legal matters when provided by BLM Network professional advisors 
5.  Monthly Webinar discussing issues relevant to doing business in today's legal environment.
Why Choose Us? 
The benefit of having an experienced business/legal expert that will help you manage big legal and other issues is invaluable to your business.
You can't always control if a legal issue will arise.  The hidden cost of legal issues is often the emotional and opportunity costs of having to manage them in addition to your regular job.
As a participant in our monthly program, we will help you manage thses issues at no additional cost if you choose to retain someone from BLM's network of professional advisors.
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