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Big Firm Legal At A Fraction Of The Price!


About Us

We are a company dedicated to helping and protecting the clients we serve and the businesses they represent. Too often, business owners are blindsided by legal issues that, without the right guidance, could easily disrupt or destroy the business they have worked so hard to build.

Our Principal Consultants have all been CEOs and/or Founders of major business enterprises. Many have also been Chief Legal Officers. We act as your partner and guide, helping you manage lawyers, budgets, and legal objectives. With decades of strategic experience, we can help you grow, avoid pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities other companies miss—allowing you to focus on what you really want to do, grow your business! 

Business Legal Management’s members have been CEOs or C-Suite executives in successful companies, they have supervised and managed issues involving hundreds of millions of dollars, and negotiated countless business opportunities. This is the only place to put that kind of experience on your management team for a graduated fixed subscription pricing model that you can afford.


Is your company getting to the size and scale where you are thinking it would be good to have a general counsel focusing on potential or existing legal issues? Business Legal Management can help ease that burden at an unbeatable price!


Do you own or want to start a Direct Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company?  Business Legal Management is experienced and focuses on supporting companies in the Multi-level marketing and Direct Selling industry. If your company is in the fast-paced but often highly litigated space of MLM,  it cannot afford to be without Business Legal Management.